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Linux vs Windows

A lot of people are obcessed with this relatively new craze: switching from Windows to Linux. One would never think that switching OSs can be fashionable at all, but with digital age you should be prepared for anything! So, I decided to compose this post for those who does not want to follow a herd instinct, but wants to choose objectively and know all the real advantages of Linux over good old Windows.

There are several evident advantages of Linux. (there are also some disadvantages, but we will review them in my next post). In this article I decided to cover 5 major advantages of using Linux over Windows.

Good sides of Linux:

  • Price - is the most obvious plus of using Linux. As you can get it absolutely free of charge, while Microsoft products are available for a substantial and sometimes seriated fee. After you pay a huge fee and finally get the license issued by Microsoft typically you get the right to install it on a single computer. Whereas a Linux is distributed for free and can be installed on any number of computers, without paying a single penny.
  • Security - notwithstanding the price, the security aspect of Linux OS is much stronger than that of Windows. Which again saves you the money and nerves you would usually spend on antiviral software. Linux was first launched in the early nineties and has managed since to stay secure in the stream of widespread viruses, adware and spyware. Sure, you can say that Linux is not that widespread, so it logically has less attempts to break it. But! It is free and could be a perfect punching bag. you have not heard of any patches for Linux, have you? And now count how many are there for our dear old Windows...
  • Freedom of choice - The wide range of choices is a great Linux achievement. With Linux OS, you are able to control almost every aspect of the system. Two major features you have the opportunity to control are your desktop's look and feel through numerous the kernel and numerous Window Managers. No more boring Windows default desktops or risks of corruption using 3 party shells.
  • Software - If you look for a text editor you will yield hundreds, if not thousands of results. The open nature of Linux enables you to have a great choice of simple line-command text editors. New applications are constantly contributed by regular users and advanced developers. Moreover, Linux software tends to be packed with much more features and considerably greater usability than the Windows one. And surely, the vast majority of Linux software is free. So you get a wider range to choose from, better and more secure application that you can adjust yourself if you know the programming language. What more could one ask for?
  • Hardware- Linux is perfect for old computers that you would usually pile in the garage or closet lacking courage to through it away, as their processor and rapid memory cannot endure bulky Windows. Install Linux and use it as a file server, a firewall or a backup server. You've got endless possibilities. Old 486 and even 386 computers with barely no RAM run on Linux easily and smoothly. Would you risk running Windows on these machines or actually finding a use for them?

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